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Wednesday, 9 November 2011


OK, I promised you this a few weeks ago, and true to type I failed! But now is the time to be planting garlic, because garlic thrives on a couple of months exposure to sub-zero temperatures. It's what helps the individual cloves to form. You can but from garden centres or online, but, with the latter, beware: often the seed catalogue comanies don't ship their orders untilafter Chruistmas, which is often too late. There are two types of garlic hardneck - which produces a rigid stem and flower - and softneck (which doesn't). Hardneck stores better but is a bit more difficult to get hld of from garden centres etc. Dig and weed your patch first (eek!!) and plant about half an inch below the surface, with the pointy end upwards. You should have some green shoots by Christmas.

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