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Monday, 3 October 2011

A Time to Dig

Ok, relax, we're not talking double digging here. But it is the time to dig your veg plot, to harvest anything left from the summer, to look after anything in the soilwhich you plan to over-winter, to plant anything which you want to over-winter (tip: get your garlic and japanese onions in in October - garlic needs at least a couple of months of sub-zero temperatures to mature properly, so start looking in garden centres for seed. Catalogues have a better variety, but sometimes are tardy in delivering - I'll post separately on this shortly. Dig over the plot(s) which are to be left until next spring, and then dig something in. I would recommend some kind of manure - if you can't get horse manure (well-rotted) then there are several proprietary brands on the market (some of these are a bit costly). And look around for spent mushroom compost. This is relatively cheap and gives good structure to your soil. Then cover it with weed-supressing fabric and you@ll find you need to do far less weeding in the spring. I resisted this one for years through laziness but guess what?? It works!

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